Here, at Frank Josef Photography, we have an extensive range of products for our customers.We specialise in Lake District Landscapes,which are printed to the highest quality on our large format photographic equipment, using only the finest materials.All of our products are processed in house by ourselves,which myself frank Josef controls.Having come from a darkroom and studio background before digital cameras were around,quality is very important to me, so i prefer to control all products that leave our gallery. Below is a list of our product range,some of which can be purchased on our web site, or the gallery here at Keswick..



At Frank Josef Photography,my main focus is on large format canvas prints of The English Lake District.Having travelled and lived in New Zealand you may occasionally see images within my gallery of other parts of the world.Being an ex Army photographer and upon leaving the forces, i worked in Cheshire for a well known retired wedding and portrait photographer and in those days digital age cameras were not around.The transition to digital has been a leaning curve for me, but i have managed to apply my past experience using negative film to the digital age.

Quality is very important to myself and I personally take responsibility for this. At our gallery i maintain all our equipment and our colour management is monitored constantly in order that we have constant quality results.

Our canvas prints are made in house here at Keswick,We are a small team consisting of myself, my wife Sue and Woody .I personally take responsibility for the work that leaves the gallery.I only use archival media on our products, which means fading for us has never been a problem,if however this was to arise we will gladly replace our canvas products free.

For those people who visit our gallery here at Keswick,you will be spoilt for choice.We have over one hundred canvas images out on display.for the overseas and international visitors,we are able to print unmounted canvas prints only,rolled up into a postal tube for easy transportation. Because we are able to print various size canvas images we are able to print our canvas images sometimes the same day, depending how busy we are.

You can order canvas prints here, from our web site.We can usually post our canvas prints out within a week and postage is included in all our product range. We can guarantee a full refund if you are not happy with all our products.We are able to print in between our web site sizes,but you will have to contact the gallery about other sizes.

We are also able to print beyond are web site sizes, in some cases 60 inches and bigger, but these will need to be collected from our gallery.


At Frank Josef Photography Gallery, you can browse our many print racks that are full of images of our newly appointed World Heritage Lake District National Park.Our mounted prints come in various sizes and are mounted on a ice white coloured mount and are placed into a cellophane bag for protection.Mounted prints can also be purchased on this web site and remember that all our product range includes postage and packing.

All our mounted prints are printed an archival lustre paper, Our paper is a semi heavy weight paper and processed through one of our large format printers, which is dedicated to our mounted prints only.


A modern and contempary way of displaying our landscapes around your home, is to purchase one of our many acrylic landscape prints. Our acrylics can be purchased here on the web site and also at our gallery here at Keswick.

The process producing our acrylic prints starts at printing an image.On our acrylics we use a non tear matte archival paper which in waterproof.This is then laminated onto the back of the acrylic which is translucent so the image can be seen. We use 5mm and 10mm thickness acrylics. These are made of high quality material with the edges polished which gives a transparent look to the landscape image. Each acrylic has four holes,one at each corner drilled at 20mm in. Then four satin finished aluminium standoffs are added into the holes and screwed to the wall,which will when float the acrylic 25mm away from the wall, leaving a modern look to the image.

Because the paper used is waterfroof,there are many hanging applications .The finished acrylic can be hung inside or out. What ever your needs the gloss appearance the acrylic gives off really makes our images stand out.

If you are ordering our acrylics online please allow up to 14 days for delivery. In addition we do have some acrylics ready to take from our gallery that are displayed here already. We can advise you the best way to hang our acrylics should you need help.


Looking for something a little different. Then we are happy to inform you that at Frank Josef Photography,we are now producing and displaying our images using Chromaluxe Aluminium Panels.

This process involves printing an image onto special paper which is then enfused onto the aluminium panel using a heat press process.The Chromaluxe aluminium panels are 3mm in thickness,but for the moment we are limited in sizes for this product.The finished product has a vibrant look to any image.The panels have a floating mounted block on the rear of the panel,which gives the appearance the panel is floating away from the wall.The gallery has a selection of these hanging up on display here at Keswick,and you can order these on line.We can usually process Chromaluxe aluminium images within a week and remember postage and packing is included in all our online products.

Last Online Orders For Xmas

Please note that last online orders must be ordered by the 18th of December 2018.After this date you will not be able to order online until March 2019.We are sorry for this but i will be overseas until March 2019.You will be able to still visit the web site to view my images, but you will not be able to order anything.

Our Gallery here at Keswick will remain open while i am away so you will still be able to purchase images from the shop that are out on display...We would like to thank all our visitors that have come into the Gallery during 2018 and wish you all a Happy Xmas and a great New Year and look forward to seeing you again in